Tear-Off Fixed Length Padlock Plastic Seal-PAD11T


HO-SEAL Tear-off Fixed Length Padlock Plastic Seal(PAD-11T) is a type of security seal commonly used to secure various items, such as containers, doors, and cabinets. It is a cost-effective option. The seal is made entirely of plastic, including the locking mechanism, making it lightweight and easy to use. It features a unique locking mechanism that makes it tamper-evident and can be easily applied and removed by hand. The unique locking mechanism of the seal ensures that it is tamper-evident, providing added security to valuable goods during transit or storage. The seal can also be customized with unique serial numbers, barcodes, or custom markings to enhance traceability and accountability.

  • Made entirely of plastic, making it lightweight and cost-effective
  • Tear off: Easy to apply and remove manually (Same model with Non Tear off is available)
  • Larger printing area
  • Can be used as a clothing return prevention tag
  • Can be customized with unique serial numbers, barcodes, or other markings
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including securing bags, cabinets, and equipment
Model ID  HO-PAD-11T
Material  PP
Markable Area(Max.)  32*20mm
Printing Content  Logo, Text, Serial Number, QR/Barcode
Printing Method  Laser printing, Hot Stamping
Color  White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Customized


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