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HO-SEAL has 5 years of security product industry experience. HO-SEAL specializes in Security Products and related products, such as security seals, “VOID” tamper evident security tapes &labels, security package, cable ties and laser additives used in laser marking of plastic products. 

We can supply seals/tapes/labels/packages with custom print options such as sequential numbering ,text, logo, barcode, QR code, etc.

It is worth mentioning that we have the ability to design and develop molds. This is very advantageous in developing plastic seals. If you want to design molds that belong to you, we can support you well and efficiently.


The reason why we can provide so many client needs in this field is that we are a resource integration company. We have cooperation with multiple factories, representing them to win business. HO-SEAL is a professional sales team in the field of security products in China.

As we all know, there are many types of security seals, and one factory cannot meet all the needs of clients. No factory can have advantages in the production of every type of product, and the cost and quality of products depend on many factors, including factory location, labor costs, material costs, production steps, material costs, etc. However, HO-SEAL team has a strong sourcing ability, which can help you save time searching for different suppliers. We can also recommend suitable products based on client needs and provide free samples.

If you do not have your own transportation agent, don’t worry, we can also provide you with professional transportation suggestions based on the volume and weight of the goods you need, including sea transportation, air transportation, express transportation, rail transportation, etc. We can also estimate the approximate shipping cost for your reference.

If you have any projects of interest, please send an inquiry to email: sales@HO-seal.com. It would be better if you could describe your needs more accurately, so we can communicate more effectively. HO-SEAL looks forward to your contact.

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